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Without Safeplex Search

  • Viruses go undetected

  • Personal information at risk

  • Harmful software is invisible

  • Threats to connected devices

  • Ransomware attacks

18.2% of all ransomware attacks affect the United States

From 15 million affected by identity thefts in the year 2017 to 60 million Americans affected in the year 2018, cyber security is the need of the hour!

Viruses, malware, data breaches, ransomware attacks, threats to connected devices, and the recent crytojackings are cyber-attacks increasing at a rapid speed.

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Info Safeplex Search promptly scans for potential threats on search results for every search term your enter

Real time threat

Info Easily identify harmful websites on your search result page with a Green Tick indicator

Real time threat

Info This lightweight extension doesn’t interrupt your daily browsing. Instead, provides seamless navigation.

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