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Threats detected by safeplex search:

  • Malware
  • Social Engineering
  • Unwanted Software
  • Potentially Harmful Application

Your browsing experience

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Unsafe browsing where your searches may be tracked!

Secure browsing with threat identification & a safety report

Did you

  • Online companies have personal files that can be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

  • Exposure to viruses, trojans or malware could lead to personal data being stolen in seconds.

  • Personal information of users is often unprotected.

The Safeplex Search Chrome™ extension resets your browser search bar, giving you real-time threat reports from your toolbar and custom web search.


How Safeplex Search works?

  • Threat identification on every search result

    Site links indicated with green ticks are safe to search while sites with a red cross are harmful.

  • Safety reports for every website

    Identify harmful viruses, malware & more from your toolbar for every search you make.

  • Color coded detection for easy understanding

    The safety report turns red to alert you of potential threats. A green report indicates that the site you are browsing is safe.

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